Fully Immersed
in the Arts?

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The Arts Living-Learning Community offers an opportunity for students to create socially engaged art through creative collaborations with faculty and artists-in-residence as they build community with other students interested in the arts and creativity.


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Top MSU Residential Program Focused on Socially Engaged Art and Creative Practice


Access to Over 20+ Art and Creative Spaces Across MSU's Campus

Students will:

  • Demonstrate physical and mental health wellness and self-care as part of their artistic/creative practices
  • Integrate advising and student support resources into their curricular and co-curricular decision-making
  • Model generative and generous modes of interaction with peers and communities
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Our purpose is to:

  • Focus on socially engaged art and creative practices
  • Provide community engagement opportunities
  • Foster creativity and creativity
  • Encourage place-making for students both on-and off-campus

Our community is:

  • Caring
  • Welcoming
  • Responsive
  • Supportive
  • Nurturing
  • Helpful
  • Inclusive
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The Student Experience

Vibrant Learning

A unique living-learning community combining robust arts curriculum and community engagement with social, dining, and living spaces that is unmatched.

Personalization and Opportunity

Creative work organized for students around placemaking practice and community engagement tailored to fit their interest in the arts.

Creativity Incubator

Imagine a creativity incubator where students actively deploy the arts and humanities to solve complex problems and inspire change in the world.